Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting the home of Audio Mel. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

My name is Melissa Roe, also known as Mel on some social networks and internet radio shows I’ve hosted in the past. I am by no means a professional, but I’ve always loved putting audio together, and making things sound great to the best of my ability. This is where the audio mel name comes from. Although I enjoy recording and podcasting, I do it only as a hobby because it’s loads of fun. I am by no means a professional audio editor, and I have simple equipment which allows me to capture my voice and share it with the world. I’m just a married college student with a guide dog, who also happens to love audio. I record things around my house and my community just because I can! Simply put, you’ll find a lot of things on this site, but its main focus is audio, of course. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and please tell all your friends to stop by!

The highlight of this website is my new and improved Talking Box Podcast. It has been around for almost two years, although I’ve been incredibly busy, and haven’t posted many episodes. Recently, I decided to kick it up a notch and bring the podcast to a more reliable place, in the hope that would encourage more listeners, as well as suggestions for new content. Keep checking back for further updates. I’m always posting announcements from time to time about upcoming episodes, and how you can contribute by sharing audio clips, suggesting topics for future shows, or taking part in the round table discussions, hosted on my team talk server. I’ll make announcements on the podcast episodes, but short blog posts will be made in between them in order to keep everyone updated to the most current information, or invite people to participate in an episode as I’m preparing it for the podcast. Keep watching the blog, because that’s where all the juicy stuff happens!

I encourage interaction, so I want you to contact me for comments, questions, suggestions, or even just to chat and tell me what you think of the site and the podcast! Here are some ways for you to contact me.

You may send feedback by fill out the contact form, and give us your input. It’s always nice to hear from you!

The podcast also gives additional ways to contact me if you so choose. There’s also a number to a phone line if you want to leave comments in a message box if you’re unable to send audio clips through the internet. Have a listen and tell me what you think! Keep checking back for more updates.

Thank you for visiting Audio Mel, the home of the Talking Box Podcast and more! Have a great day!