Preparing for our book discussion

Greetings, everyone!

I hope your holiday season is going nicely. I believe 2016 will be another awesome year! It will have its ups and downs, but we should always march forward with a positive attitude!

I’m coming to you today with some exciting news. As I continue to plan new episodes and produce new content for my podcast, I’ve decided to host a book discussion. I’m still unsure of what platform I’ll use, but I do have hangouts as a possible suggestion. Don’t worry, you don’t need to record your video feed, as you’ll be able to turn your webcam off with a keyboard shortcut. Although the discussion will be live on YouTube should we decide to go this route, the audio portion only is necessary for the podcast episode. I’m planning for the discussion to be held tentatively on the second of January, right after you’ve celebrated the new year! Why, you ask? Well, I can change it if popular demand calls for the change, but I want to have enough time to edit the audio and prepare the next episode before I’m plunged back into the wonderful, busy college life. Keep checking the blog, especially in the announcements category for further information, once we have the bugs ironed out. In the meantime, please send an email to talkingboxpodcast if you want to be invited personally to the discussion. If we decide to go with a hangouts on air discussion, an invitation will be sent to your Google account, so if you have and use a gmail address regularly, that is the preferred email to use.

The agenda for the book discussion will be as follows:
1. Introduction and favorite book genres.
2. 2015 book news, and what we can look forward to for 2016.
3. Favorite authors.
4. books everyone is currently reading.
5. Conclusion.

The agenda could change as the discussion date approaches, but for now, send any comments to the blog post if you have any suggestions.
There is no set time length for the discussion, but I’m absolutely hoping we can keep it under 2 hours. An hour can sometimes be too short, depending on the number of people who attend such a lively discussion. All I simply ask is that we refrain from using curse words, and be respectful towards one another. I’m still bouncing ideas around in my head, so now is really a good time to contact me if you have any ideas for the agenda, discussion platform, or date/time.

Finally, I plan to turn this blog category into a book network of sorts. If people want to discuss books and find something worthy of a blog post, let me know and we can see about adding your contribution to the blog. A great place to discuss books on a more thorough level is a social network called goodreads. You can find me on goodreads using the following link:

I look forward to seeing several of you at the book discussion! As I’ve said before, keep watching the blog for further updates.
Take care, and enjoy the rest of 2015!

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